DOGIPOT Powder Coated Aluminum DOGVALET

DOGIPOT Powder Coated Aluminum DOGVALET
Item# 1001-2
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Product Description

Our DOGIPOT Powder Coated Aluminum "DOGVALET" is a very attractive and durable dog waste removal station.

The DOGIPOT "DOGVALET" is an "All In One" freestanding station with locking lid that has two dispensing slots in front, receptacle port in each side for disposal of pet waste and clear instructions and graphics on how to use the poop bags posted on top.

With high bag capacity, large receptacle, and powder coated aluminum pillar support make the "DOGVALET" ideal for areas of high usage.

Includes:Front Dispenser/Side Receptacle with Front Locking Access Lid, Aluminum Mounting Pillar, Two(2) rolls of 200 Oxo-biodegradable Litter Pick Up Bags(Item # 1402), One(1) roll of 50 Heavy Duty Oxo-biodegradable Waste Liner Bags(Item # 1404), Mounting Hardware and Instructions and Two(2) Keys.

Dimensions: 40.4" tall x 17" wide X 10" deep/ .09 guage Aluminum

Quantities from 1 to 14 = $479.00 per unit
Quantities from 15 to 25 = $456.00 per unit
Quantities from 26 to 49 = $438.00 per unit
Quantities from 50 Plus = $429.00 per unit